mardi 4 novembre 2008

Deeds End

Deeds in a way are investing.
They are offspring and they are raiment.
But never enough to get dressed up conveniently.
All activities, one way or another, are short of a scrap of cloth
They are torn from delivery, they may cover––but
The way mourning week's garments do.

There are tricks to finish up fully togged out by proxy.
These are most common ones.
Acting, belatedly, by passing the buck to offspring

It's trickery, and it means frolicking.

Sloppy folks with no offspring
Don't dig those who romped into getting some;
They just sprang themselves
From fancy folks they must consider strait-laced.

They themselves may wear fine tuxedos but no shoes.
They're like bopping around in their stocking feet;
But it is the dance floor that appears slippery
Easy to glide, easy to slide––easy to
Slip into scramble and skid.

The silkiest cummerbund could not save the situation.
Footwear are the last issues to put on.
You'd get laced up by yourself.

October 30, 2008

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