lundi 6 janvier 2014


Thin is thin
And meager is meager.
The anorexic teen in spandex jeans
Understands she still has baby fat to shed, a
Sure discernible excess when
Crammed into skin-tight.
There is a point from where you dare.
The courage of displaying one’s shortcomings
Isn’t limited to the slovenly elderly.

Huge thigh gap, generational, yes
All set to finish her journey
Astraddle on a gurney.
But the stick legs so far keep her up and spindling
Toward cutoff date.

Bone frame so salient that one can x-ray
The insight she has of herself and also learn from it.
If she should survive the ordeal of such youth, any given age
Will have gone from her, rubbed away
Like antler velvet
Her last loose ounces of derm.

Before, transparency is
A meager trump card.
A hope, a purpose.

January 5, 2014

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