dimanche 11 août 2019

Inverted Snob

    „Wie die einen die Unschuld verfolgt
    Hetzt den andern sein schuldloses Herz
    Und haben alle doch gewisslich
    Dasselbe nur sich vorzuwerfen.“

The Maker, slouching on his cloudy throne:
Non-being is a being of its own.
In-vi-si-bility stirs all alone;
The crowd best worship phony thunderstone.

Too far away from where they tit for tat
When He chose cloud, non-being came with that.
Man, mortal, will, uncomfortably sat
Pray to the stony stool beneath his prat.

Those boulders dropped from high up were designed
To fit the tougher asses of mankind.
Non-being is no being that would mind:
Cloud-slouching Maker pampers His behind.

August 10, 2019

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