mercredi 23 avril 2008

Nil in April, Save Two Fragments in March

1. Tender Gardening

This heart: Any resistance nipped in the bud
As if resistance were a shoot grown
From a bud, and trying to nip
This one off
Could have a result
Other than its arousal:
From natural sleepiness
Prodded by fingernails into
Tenacious, embudded resistance.

Oh you, whole-hearted resistance: to
Parlay some bud into resistance of a bud
--Instead of putting on an act of resistance
As these false budheads usually do--
No need to nip them off: a little
Tickling is goad enough.

Oh you, true heartbud, you
Don't have to suffer excision
To offer the resistance of a heart.

March 10, 2008

2. Is the Sun Any Different?

Rain with a pattering
Like uproar with the ring of a name
I call into it.

Rain ceasing, the sun
Barging in between. I silently too
Wait for new clouds to come.

I wasn't calling for a stillness
I was voicing for a something with
The ring of a rain.

March 21, 2008