mardi 27 juillet 2010

Vérification faite

Le chat était donc une fouine.
Je ne suis pas un spécialiste, alors
Mêmes traces de patte, mêmes crottes.
Mais un chat ne squatte pas un faux plafond
Il se débrouille toujours pour avoir un bail régulier.

Cette fouine, je pense maintenant
Qu’elle a emménagé il y a bien longtemps ;
Seulement avant, je ne faisais pas assez attention.
Maintenant, je sais aussi d’où me vient ce bruit étrange.
Tout se tient : la recherche m’a dévoilé une fouine farouche
Tandis que l’hypothèse du félin familier s’est évanouie.
L’intrusion de l’étrangère a conféré à la vérité
Ce qu’il faut d’insolite pour convaincre.

Une fois de plus, j’ai été injuste –
Les dégâts ne sont dus qu’à une trimardeuse ;
Mais je n’ai strictement aucun reproche à lui faire
Elle est dans son bon droit, l’ordre des choses est rétabli.
Mes excuses vont à l’apparent ; quant à la réalité clandestine :
Comme d’habitude, je m’en accommoderai selon mes pauvres

26 Juillet 2010

vendredi 2 juillet 2010

Four Goals for One Life

Translated from the Prakrit

काम KAMA satiation of lust
Falling for effulgence.
To ward off ineffulgence, to parry beamlessness.

It is not ringing bells nor
Does it bang at any door.
You needn’t answer it.
Radiance entering, brittle crack bit
Was simply agape long before.

Vatsayana’s comment:
Tender SPRING is a time of crude desire. Delicate green is even grosser. The sun shines out of it.
Lusty saps start rising and beaming as soon as that cad comes around etc. There is no difference between the ripe and the unripe, there is no degeneration since there is no such thing as pristine innocence; fundamentally, there is either everlasting innocence or everlasting vice. Spring for its part is just noisier, it is naturally full of sorts of rummage and brawl. Nobody should underestimate the rumpus a host of pubescent butterflies can cause. Ephemeral though they are, these are awesome conditions. They are not for grown-ups. Grown-ups do not appreciate disco din. They cannot hear their own voices talking, bittersweet voices that say: A calm, a bearably worn spring is called gossamer and quite another season; it bears no special interest and ends dropping off at home, not far from your partner of thirty years. Is that what the wanton ones want? Is there no other outcome for ancient merriment? All these springs may tell you: We don’t need our opposites, nor do we feign the reverse; we can simply lark among ourselves! But since when are the hormone-driven responsible for what they say? Truth be told, all this is forgivable! Such is exactly the balderdash coming out of grown-up voice boxes.

The GOAL is lamenting without much conviction and having let things go their way.

अर्थ ARTHA riches
Right up thine alley
A something so-so.
Don’t search further, and like it.

Aesthetically poor but
Somewhat good in the sack:
As much as affluence can give–in
This world a godsend, though.

Dhanapati’s comment:
SUMMER is for wealth and glory. Only the rich and famous aren’t especially in favor of wealth and glory. The poor and obscure can’t afford to. But again and again they spend bootless summers. The practical thing is that they needn’t clothe themselves a lot – no one can tell! Alas, ordinary scantidress serves mostly its own meager interests; it won’t confer any actual riches upon them as long as they ignore that fact. There are enough tissues of lies. They should stick to the usual and continue to acclaim their superiors and have their heady dreams. This will get them as far as mere purpose can get a person, bringing them unawares toward autumn.

The GOAL is to make a person roll up their sleeves in order to concoct further plans, one after another.

धर्म DHARMA moral peace
Nothing flat
Off one’s own prat.

Does foliage deserve to fall
Or time its server, feeble thrall?
Why dreary concord ’bove them all?

Does mental grip grope
Something grabbable? Nope.

Bhattacharya’s comment:
AUTUMN is finally moral, it is a desire of righteousness even if it cost. Yet this isn’t regardless, this is rather because. Because of lateness, because of falling out teeth, and hair, and prostate trouble and so on. It doesn’t cost too much, though. Better late than never! says Gautama. Autumn is a deft apology for spring. This season has changed its mind for the better; nevertheless, it will end up in winter. Who would ever dilly-dally a dwindling day away? Old Bhattarcharya wouldn’t. Righteousness is autumnal remedy for the soul, but it comes shorter and shorter bang up to blackout. Eventide and no telly means a tremendous reflection on whether or not Justice goes blind. It is a mill that grinds weird grounds against the grain. There is nothing else to say about victorious, better autumn.

This GOAL righteousness has a fore and a hind face. Those who wouldn’t deign to treat it as a gut issue, however, must see the hot button it is. Hot buttons in fall, naked ladies, meadow saffron – they match alright. Besides, the nights will get nippier and nippier; the saving grace is that morals erupt under falseness. Sporting its withered butt, moral nudity triggers autumnal activism whatever form the urge may take.

मोक्ष MOKSHA a definite death
Be it as fuddling a beverage as it is: He who
Doth not drain the cup of trembling to the
Dregs, will honestly rue that brew.

Aught and naught are of one species:
Naught is riding on aught’s wishes;
They are naught’s bottle niches.
Bottoms up, cheerio, you!

Gajendra’s comment:
WINTER is liberation of all the rest. Nothing reincarnates, at least not during this season. And with a bit of luck there will be no other spring.

GOAL: As you know by now, when your eyes light on it, there is less than before; only darkness is rapidly growing. Are you afraid now? So go and drink the cup of trembling, says the sage, and it will benefit you. But drain it to these dregs we use to call our final throes... (Or let us put it this way: Liquor certainly fixes the freeze, but there’s some quivering before.)
If naught is left, there will be no remorse. Remorse is residue, regrets is deposit or leftover. Liquidate your portfolio and return to cash. Having accomplished so little in this life, why should you do any better in the next round? Injury time, boy? Losers beget losers. Do you want them to remember you martyr as a cautionary tale? A positive stroke, no dadburned extra span, that is all you may cadge from caring karma.

July 2, 2010