dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Disquisition on Skittish Market 1 - Peer Push, Kin Pressure

Traditionally, societies are organized in
Staid multi-generational groups of kinfolk
And, on the other hand, boisterous age groups.

Consider the old man a bully, but of late
The more intrusive societies are, the more the
Organizational pattern of age groups seems to prevail;
So, less livable societies are oftentimes equaller, this way round.

As the Pope refuses to put it, but it is His own truth:
Age groups in most cases are sexier than ordinary clans.
If, however, this may sound strange in a gaggle of cardinals
Jolly yet serene––it is obvious in almost any larger youthful crowd
Sitting closely abreast at the edge of some swimming pool for instance
Displaying a plentiful amount of long brown legs, tucked up to the chest
And sometimes dangling in the water, for the posers venture the slacker act––
Sexy just like a crush of bare-chested Hitler youths fighting the flab of fuddiness.

And if by now we are agreed about the soothing effect of a perfectly judged
Age combine, others are hormone-driven. And wayward peers must be humored.
But if these are definitely way sexier than any of the multi-generational units
––Dignified ascendants and smirky descendants congregating on one
Yellowed family photograph, even if there's some cute looking
Soldier between them when World War II was still young––

Even a bevy of smegmatic seminarians contending against li'l evil is
Sexier––and so are phalanges, so are arrays of lightly-armed servicemen––
Than, too non-competitive a group, crocks on chairs flanked by their lanky hopes.

Yet, when the war is over––and war is always over when another one begins––
Weariness rearing its poise-mad head, the once sexy veterans will mostly
Hole up in another stodgy group of kinfolk, this is a given thing.

Yet, bushed, we will challenge another leniency
Not yet weaned from the thrills of youth
In loosely varying its b's and e's.

October 6, 2008

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