vendredi 17 octobre 2008

Disquisition on Skittish Market 3 - Reliable Odds

...don't look anything like they should.

On the long shot that things will forever stay what they are
You can in fact bet on things as they are. Exactly the
Way they are now. A little thin and awkward.

On the long shot that youth, so impressive, is also marble enough
To make young forever stay so, you can bet on your own
Silly skittishness, the whim of a day thus being
The savior of all your remaining days, boy.

Skittishness and harsh concepts of sea, sex and sun
Appear to be distinctive for late capitalism
––Rather than for its earlier forms.

This proves how young the world is, at last
Seasoned into a puerile pastime. But I won't bet
On the long shot that things will stay unchanged by
Merely injecting neurotoxins into an overripe doll's face.

All living organisms are beauty bound
But beauty kind of bootstraps.
In the long run it misgives.

October 15, 2008

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