mardi 23 mars 2010

A Surefire Way to Inner Wealth

My natural propensity to parsimony
Dovetails penury.
The days pay me with dirt.
Penury pinchers won’t hit pay dirt.

Boredom and parsimony
Are basics.
My natural propensity to being basic
Marries so well with grudger day.
I am a pay dirt day worker
The dirt of the days is my nurture.
I am a nurtural skinflint with a flab
Gained by parsimony of movement.
Why should I move? To make
Days grow shorter or last? Is there
Something lurking in the wings
Not yet delivered? – There is
Nothing hopeful available for that dirt.
– Should I curry miser favor?
Days always end.

Let’s put out the lights and
Call ’em days. There we have it!
This is my surefire way to inner wealth.

March 23, 2010

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