mercredi 14 avril 2010

The Oracle of Down Above a Glossy Upper Lip

As of late, she has a dreamy Hitler on her bedroom wall.
It is a cute portrait of Hitler as a dreamy little boy.
Sure, it is not Hitler but her middle son
And it has always been hanging there, but
It is a cute portrait of this son of hers as a dreamy little boy.
A faint yet distinctive toothbrush has appeared above his dreamy lip.
By now, they’re so irremediably estranged, it could just as well be Hitler’s.
Family has entered an era of cataclysmic destruction since he married
A greedy Valkyrie she hence refers to as her Nazi daughter-in-law.
One of those who molest their feeble spouse into taking sides.
And soon enough he chose. Call it the Aryan mattress side.
The point is that there is lots of lebensraum involved;
Disaffection menaces the subsistence of the elderly
There reigns a climate of regular ethnocide, but
Mom obviously wishes to keep that picture.
She holds that it’s a juvenile portrait and
These had been worriless pre-war
Days, long gone. Hitler too
Has had a mother.
Don’t be outraged if you
Spot him someplace on a wall.
It doesn’t mean Momma is pleased
By the way the boy’s lipfluff’s turned out.

April 14, 2010

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