jeudi 9 décembre 2010

During Eclipse

“It is the Evil that is helpless like a lover”
Auden, Herman Melville

Utter darkness has its shady sides. To be blind now, not
To feel like. I’ll get you a rain check, a
Somber check, a gloom check. Use it when it’s time to.

Barricade in a reduit for the harder, for the nonce
Curtains drawn, no fear but sun fear
So curled up to anticipate lest things precipitate.

Wouldn’t put anything over on you, one can’t even
See oneself. Whatever tricks may occur isn’t me, isn’t
You, all that’s impracticable outlook at best.

Had one not shut the shudders, maybe daylight maybe
Low light – this most veriest night is a chance
To get the better of us.

It preserves, dear, the better judgment
For all groping through opaqueness, yet we’re fine.
Let’s forget about epiphany moment.

December 9, 2010

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